Patrick Smith


The artist: Patrick Smith is one of the most inventive realist artists/painters since Chuck Close. He resides in Lexington, Kentucky, and has gained recognition for his finely honed painting skills and an uncanny ability to capture idiosyncratic portraits of intimate moments intertwined with shadowy themes.

Smith creates challenging artistic impressions of his close personal friends in revealing and impassioned contexts. His work is unparalleled in today’s art landscape. This New Jersey-born artist significantly influences the Lexington art scene and will someday extend his voice into national and international art conversation.

In his newest body of artwork, “Shadows from an Unlit Room,” The Artist: Patrick Smith continues to innovate and challenge patrons and viewing audience to reconcile his interpretative portraits. This recent collection of 14 paintings (acrylic on paper) is being presented at Fine Art Editions on Jefferson Street in Lexington with an opening evening on Thursday, July 18th. It will remain in the gallery till mid-August 2024.

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