Giclée Prints for Artists

Our giclée process begins with a high-quality scan of the original artwork. The scan is then converted to a digital file so that proper color corrections can be made to replicate the color of the original piece. Depending on the artwork, either absolute or general color corrections will be made, with prices varying on the technique used.

The artist then has the choice to print on semi-matte paper, watercolor paper, or canvas. Our Epson Stylus Pro 9800 and 7800 wide-body print Epson or Symphonic dyes, giving accuracy to original colors.

Hand-torn deckled edges can be added to watercolor prints, and black-edge gallery wrap give a sleek finish to canvas prints. Luster prints are also available, created with the same inks on luminous paper.

Your Photos as Canvas Art

In addition to art, photography can also be printed on canvas for decoration. Whether it be family images or your own photography, the Fine Art Editions can transform the image for beautiful adornment.

Most pictures can be printed in highly customizable dimensions on canvas. Once printed and stretched, the image is painted with varnish to deepen the color of the image and ensure a lifetime of quality.

Images can also be printed as a sectional mural in a Diptych, Triptych, or Quad format, creating a unique piece for decoration.

Email your image to info@finearteditions.net or bring it to the gallery where our trained staff will guide you in our canvasing process.

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