Photo Restoration

At Fine Art Editions, we can restore treasured photographs of the special people and moments we want to remember forever and, in many cases, even substantially enhance the images so that they can be cherished for generations.

Digital Restoration

Digital reproduction of older photographs is commonly called copy work. This process involves making a digital scan of the original, either with a flatbed scanner or a high-resolution copy camera that captures the image under profiled lighting to minimize distortion, shadows and reflections. Digital copies of older photographs are captured just as the original images appear, without repair to
flaws or variations of tonality. The base files yielded in copy work will be archived and adjusted during a series of enhancements to create restored versions of the photographs that can be printed on various paper types or canvas.

Digital restoration is the practice of enhancing the appearance of an older photograph through a series of technical changes to the digital copy of the image. These enhancements can assuage a wide range of damage caused by environmental problems, accidental abuse or just the ravages of time.

A variety of editing techniques are employed to remove visible flaws from digital copies of photographs. We utilize the most up-to-date version of Adobe Photoshop to repair the appearance of older images that may, in places, be torn, wrinkled, scratched or faded. Evidence of dirt, stains and other signs of age are
meticulously removed from the digital files. Undesirable color casts also are adjusted, and contrast or sharpening may be altered to restore some of the range of detail believed to be embodied in the original photographs.

Browning before and after retouching
Scan 8 x 10 or smaller:   $10
Scan larger than 8 x 10:   $25
Restoration Charge:  $50/hour

Print sizes, substrates, and pricing

There are four substrate options for printing newly restored images:  premium matte photographic paper, stretched canvas, 505gm (300lb) artist Somerset watercolor paper and 300gm coated Museo museum rag. Prices listed are for standard sizes. Printing can be custom sized, which may require a special price quote. Evaluation is ongoing during production, and prints are made one at a time. Each print is individually inspected for quality and authenticity of reproduction from the original image.


Fine Art Editions is a full-scale printing house, so your treasured photos never leave our gallery or the hands of our expert staff. Our goal is to provide the highest quality artistry through our technical work and the utilization of the best materials. We expect our staff to meet elite standards of artistic discretion and to couple that emphasis on skilled technique with ideal materials in order to produce an excellent piece of art. We aim to meet and exceed our customers’ desires, relying on dialogue to fully understand each client’s wishes and to calculate the time required to complete each project. We are always delighted to complement any restoration work with custom framing, shrink wrapping and other forms of artistic presentation in order to deliver the new creation as a unique treasure.

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