Photo Restoration

At Fine Art Editions, we can restore and enhance heirloom photographs of the special people and moments that you want to remember forever, so they can be cherished for generations.

Fine Art Editions will carefully craft and attractively present new renditions of heirloom photographs, so treasured memories of special people and precious moments can be cherished for generations.


We are a full-scale printing house, so your family pictures never leave our gallery or the hands of our expert staff. Our goal is to provide the highest quality artistry through careful technical work and utilization of the latest editing tools and best materials. We aim to meet and exceed expectations, relying on dialog to fully understand each client’s vision and offer sensitive timelines and tailored quotations.


Digital restoration is the practice of recreating an older photograph by editing a digital copy, and printing it as a corrected or enhanced version of the original. Clients may choose to create a replica of what the original photograph must have looked like, or make a new edition of their family keepsake by sharpening contrasts, brightening colors, cropping or resizing, and other alterations enabled by modern digital technology.

Depending on size, a scanner or high-resolution camera is used to make the base file for the restoration. Next, the file is archived and adjusted step by step to create a new version of the original photograph that diminishes the effects of storage and climate, casual handling, and aging in general.

In the editing process, digital procedures are carefully applied to eliminate evidence of tears, wrinkles, stains, and other damage from wear over the years. Color and tone are fine-tuned to counter fading, revitalize images, and restore contrasts. We will work with clients to suggest enhancements that may be seamlessly integrated to achieve a new look.

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Your digitally restored image can be printed on different formats: premium matte photographic paper, 505 gm artist Somerset watercolor paper, 300 gm coated Museo museum rag, or stretched canvas. Prints are produced one at a time, and each print is individually inspected throughout its production for quality and trueness to the original.

We are always delighted to complement your print with custom framing, matting, or other presentation formats, to deliver the new creation as a unique treasure.

For more information about our digital restoration process, contact dnelson@finearteditions.net.

Initial Scan Charge:
8 x 10 or smaller:  $10
Larger than 8 x 10:   $25

Restoration Charge:  $50/hour

Photo Paper:

4″ x 6″:   $10
5″ x 7″:   $12.50
8″ x 10″: $25.00
11″ x 14″:  $35.00
12″ x 18″: $55.00
16″ x 20″: $75.00

Watercolor Paper:

8″ x 10″: $25.00
11″ x 14″:  $45.00
12″ x 18″: $62.50
16″ x 20″: $75.00

Museo Rag Paper:

8″ x 10″: $30.00
11″ x 14″:  $45.00
12″ x 18″: $60.00
16″ x 20″: $85.00

Stretched Canvas:

11″ x 14″:   $75.00
12″ x 18″:  $95.00
16″ x 20″:  $115.00
20″ x 24″:  $155.00
24″ x 36″:  $250.00
36″ x 48″:  $450.00

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