Does your precious photo have a coffee stain or is there an annoying background object that you would like to remove from the image? Is your old photo falling apart or losing its original luster? We can recreate your images in many sizes; cropping, refining, and editing until you have the ideal photograph with as many copies as you’d like.

Fine Art Editions is a full scale printing house, which means your photograph never leaves the hands of our trained staff and is reprinted right here in our Georgetown gallery.

Digital Restoration

After we have created a high-resolution duplicate of your photograph, we remove defects such as scratches, holes, and fading.We are able to work with all types of images, including but not limited to, old images, cell phone images, airbrushed art, canvases, and tintypes. We’re happy to provide information and estimates for the work required to complete your project.

Custom Framing

We pride ourselves on offering services for every stage of your photography needs. After your images are printed at the sizes you specify, we invite you to have them custom-framed with our framing specialist, Mark Sweazy. Interested? Come on over and learn more about the Fine Art Editions framing process with Mark Sweazy!

Browning before and after retouching

Your Photos as Custom Art

Did you know your photographs and even your licensed art can be printed not only on high quality photo paper, but also on other substrata including stretched canvas? We can recreate your photos as same-sized or larger sized photos, and even as posters and canvases, custom framed or unframed.

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