White’s Branch Arch

Tucked away at the south end of Powell County, White’s Branch Arch is a natural boundary line between Natural Bridge State Park and Daniel Boone National Forest. It’s an easy hike from the end of the gravel Forest Service road. But beware – the final descent to get beneath the arch is a cliff-clinging rope drop down a narrow crevice, ill-advised unless you are a skilled climber ready for a dicey challenge. My access to this less frequented arch was enabled by Christie Abrams, a licensed guide and adventure company owner. In my travels, I’ve often found that it’s who you meet along the way who helps you achieve and even expand your objectives – luck seems to favor those who make new friends.

Once under the arch, the window eastward reveals a dramatic vista onto a valley known as the Narrows. Turning about-face, you see the forests of Daniel Boone, spanning the horizon along the boundaries of three counties, Estill, Lee, and Wolfe. Climbing back atop this remarkable arch, you stand on what was once a vehicle-traveled road, closed a couple of decades ago to preserve the delicate arch and ensure safety. Breathtakingly beautiful, this uniquely positioned rock formation, White’s Branch Arch, lifted my spirit and filled my thoughts with a sense of awe.

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