Owner John Stephen Hockensmith draws on his more than thirty-five years of experience in the professional world of art to curate and broker artwork that he deems to be aesthetically pleasing, culturally significant, and of sound investment value. The Gallery of Original Art has exhibited multiple Kentucky artists’ works since January 2013. A quiet, elegant, naturally lit space, it is inspired by the great galleries of New York and London and the graciousness of the Bluegrass.

Current Exhibition

The Chrysalis Project

John S. Hockensmith

Chrysalis 011- John Steven Hockensmith

Past Exhibitions


Chip Dumstorf

LND&SEA #19 - Chip Dumstrof

An Artistic Evening with Jim Brancaccio

Jim Brancaccio

Spring Messenger -Brancaccio

The Tuska Estate Collection

John Regis Tuska

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