Tuska Giclée Prints

John Regis Tuska (1931-1998) had many media changes throughout his life. The diversity of his thinking is reflected in the beauty of his creations and how they capture the art of the human condition.

He was a professor at the University of Kentucky where he had lectured for more than 30 years. His classes and workshops (for the general public) brought art to a wider audience. Tuska’s body of work can be found in collections and public spaces, both regionally and internationally. He created thousands of pieces of art in a variety of media, including drawing, collage, ceramics and paper-mache.

After his death, Tuska’s son devoted his life to spreading the legacy of his famous father by organizing different exhibitions. John Tuska’s work can always be found on the campus of the University of Kentucky. Fine Art Editions is proud to offer giclée prints from Tuska’s My Art of Self Reflection series.

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