Henry Lawrence Faulkner

Hockensmith’s Fine Art Editions is proud to be a top dealer of the works of Henry Lawrence Faulker, the world-renowned artist born right here in Kentucky. We have procured several Faulkner originals and have exclusive rights to print limited museum-quality giclée prints of a wide portfolio of his works. We are also in possession of many of his original sketches.  John Stephen Hockensmith was honored to work with Henry for some time, learning about art and the gift of color.

The Gift of Color: Henry Lawrence Faulkner

In addition to buying, selling, and reproducing a number of Faulkner’s works, we have also produced the critically acclaimed collector’s book The Gift of Color, complete with meticulous research about Henry’s life and travels as well as a wide selection of his works. Click below to order!

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