Yvette Crossing


Dr. Yvette Stephens Crossing, a native Lexingtonian, is a 1992 graduate of the University of Louisville Medical School. She is an Internist who has practiced in the Atlanta, Georgia area for nearly 30 years. In her own words:
“The release of my artwork was a culmination of an exhilarating experience which bordered on the supernatural. As we became engrossed in the various restrictions imposed by the pandemic with its isolation, another corridor of self-expression was revealed to me, drawing. A year later, I entered the world of painting. While observing the paint strokes on the canvas, hidden images began to appear that were appropriate for specific historic timeframes and subject matter and their presence defied any logical explanation.  All of my works continue to be divinely inspired. Most of my work is historical in nature and is generally described as narrative historical African American art.”

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