Limited Editions at Fine Art Editions

At Hockensmith’s Fine Art Editions, we rigorously limit and control the process of printing elite quality reproductions of original fine art from creation through distribution. This artist-supervised process utilizes museum quality methods that protect the investment as well as the secondary art market. Hand produced, signed artwork with tightly controlled edition numbers are at the core of our reputation.

Museum Editions

Our “Museum” editions are elite giclé prints, created and produced using the latest technology and absolute color correction techniques and printed on 300lb Somerset deckled watercolor paper. Museum editions are issued in small volumes of 25 to 250 prints and are marketed exclusively as fine art. Each print is numbered by hand and individually signed by the artist. These exclusive giclée prints are for connoisseurs who place a value on exclusivity.

Artist proofs are also signed and numbered to fully account for the total edition issued. These A/P’s are limited to a 10% overrun of the original edition release and are to be used at the discretion of the artist. Some buyers prefer to purchase A/P’s; however, A/P’s have no greater monetary value than the originally issued edition prints.

The Stallion - Museum Series - John Stephen Hockensmith
Autumn Morning Walk - Collectors series - John Stephen Hockensmith

Collectors Editions

Fine Art Editions also offers “Collectors” editions. These series are created with the same limited edition philosophy, with tightly controlled numbering and individual signatures of the artist. However, they are offered in larger volumes, ranging from 1000 to 2500 prints at release. These are printed on either 80lb Patina lithographic archival photo paper or Museo rag portfolio paper. Each Collector edition also allows for A/P’s in the same manner as the Museum editions. Because the volume issued is greater, the issue price for a Collectors edition print is lower.

At the point that an edition is “sold out,” the artwork or imagery used in the edition is closed to future usage. Any subsequent usage of this artwork is restricted to the promotion of the artist’s name and reputation. After achieving the “sold out” status, the edition is not available for re-marking or other merchandising usages. These editions are “True Limited Editions.”

Open Editions

We also offer some works as “gift” editions. These are open edition prints and canvases that are not signed or numbered. The “Gift” editions are for galleries that carry gift lines of accent and décor artwork at attractive price points. These prints are created from the artist excepts and are used to broaden the audience and client base for the artist as well as our other collections. Gift editions work very nicely as augments for décor arrangements and as a gift for all occasions.

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