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Fine Art Editions is the publisher for three gallery art books with unique layouts that tell equine stories.

We are pleased to announce our forthcoming fine art book:

The Gift of Color — Henry Lawrence Faulkner 1948-1981

John Stephen Hockesmith in collaboration with First Southern National Bank

The colorful life story of Henry Faulkner is interwoven with vivid pictures and poems that illuminate the artist’s development and career. This beautiful presentation of Henry Faulkner art is planned for release in fall 2016. Sign up for updates!

Spanish Mustangs in the Great American West (2009), John Stephen Hockensmith
A pictorial history of how the Mustang returned to North America and developed the culture of the American West. Spectacular photographs, narrative, and poetry merge history and art to tell the story of this majestic breed. Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal for coffee table books.

Gypsy Horses and the Travelers’ Way (2006), John Stephen Hockensmith
A stunning showcase of photography, prose, and poetry that chronicles Hockensmith’s travels with Romani Gypsies across northern England on the road to Appleby Fair. Winner of two Silver Medal Benjamin Franklin awards for best multicultural book and best new publisher. Silver Winner of Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year.

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