Gypsy Horse Series

John Stephen Hockensmith proudly presents a series of giclée prints that provide a rare look into the world of the Gypsy Horse. Privileged to have traveled with the gypsies of Northern England known as the Travelers, Hockensmith captures the breathtaking Romani breed in its natural habitat of the moor, the village outskirts, and the road to Appleby Fair.

Each magnificent detail from forelock to feather of the powerful Gypsy stock is captured by the Hockensmith printing method which in this collection, uses 500 gram Somerset watercolor paper. A unique inking process ensures rich lustrous color and the lasting quality of the print. Gypsy Horse images are a beautiful window into a culture centered on the equine.

All Gypsy Horse Series images are strictly limited to commissioned pieces only, signed and numbered by the artist.

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