Steve Cull

Original oil on board

18 1/8 x 11″

Call (502) 863-2299 or email johns@finearteditions.net to inquire about this work.

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Raised in rural Kentucky, Steve Cull paints the rural environment in a modernist interpretation of the vernacular American folk-art style. Rolling hills and homesteads, portraits and local genre, especially children are reflective of the moment he positions within a deeper cultural tradition. After having enlisted in the navy as a very young man, Cull returned to Kentucky where he worked at the Goshen post office for 20 years. He is a self-taught artist, and during those years he painted seriously, having been encouraged by an art and antique dealer whose business was on his mail route. He has enjoyed extraordinarily successful exhibitions and one-man gallery shows in Nantucket and Louisville. Having twice been approached by museum curators whose intentions were to mount exhibitions of his work within their museums, a humble Steve Cull twice demurred.

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