Original Faulkner Oil – Eclipse on the Black Sea


“Faulkner’s mythological compositions are a genre that is highly sought after by many patrons, collectors, and investors.”

~ John Stephen Hockensmith

Hockensmith states that this casein and oil painting is an original by Henry Faulkner and it was created in the mid-1960s. Hockensmith relies on information gathered for the 2018 award-winning coffee table book, Henry Lawrence Faulkner: The Gift of Color, and references from The Outrageous Life of Henry Faulkner by Charles House. Based on the chronological evolution of Faulkner’s painting style, color palette, and compositional construction, this casein and oil is from the 1964-1968 time frame when Faulkner had returned from his first Sicilian sabbatical.

Eclipse on the Black Sea - Henry Lawrence Faulkner

Faulkner’s early art was exploratory and experimental in the 50s. There was no visual art medium that Faulkner could not master. During these early days, his skill set and themes were constantly evolving. By the 1960s, he settled into a style that a growing list of patrons identified as “Faulknesque”. The 1960s was a highly productive period of artistic output and Faulkner could not keep up with the demand from the gallery that represented him or private patron requests. Faulkner painted in many genres, including floral, Italian scenes, animals, religious icons, homes, and street scenes. He also composed in a mythological style — the painting Eclipse on the Black Sea is from that genre and these themes hold an important place and value in the Faulkner legacy and with collectors.

Henry Lawrence Faulkner’s artistic career was a carousel of expressing himself in visual, writing, and poetic performance art techniques. He was an international artist known from Italy to California. Faulkner’s life was tragically cut short at age 55 in a car accident near his home on Third Street in Lexington, Kentucky, on December the 5th, 1981. For more information on The Faulkner art legacy, see the book Henry Lawrence Faulkner: The Gift of Color or call Fine Art Editions Gallery and Press 502-863-2299.

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