Beyond the Visible

It is hard to imagine what is beyond our visible spectrum. It is easy to believe that things are just the way our eyes and minds perceive them to be. But outside of that sliver of light that illuminates human vision lie wavelengths that stretch far beyond the edges of infrared and ultraviolet, radiating invisibly across the earth and in the heavens. With cameras and other instruments, we can view within these hidden regions of light and broaden our perceptions.

It’s hard to imagine what we may comprehend if we keep looking for ways to see and think beyond what we used to know. If we raise the window of possibilities and seek, we can find an opening. Art is my pathway.

Infrared Pano 0170 - John Stephen Hockensmith
Infrared 0223 - John Stephen Hockensmith
Infrared 0148 - John Stephen Hockensmith
Arches on Helton Mountain - John Stephen Hockensmith
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