Full Heart

Sitting and feeling the glow of the full moon over Mill Creek Lake on a midsummer evening, mesmerized by the seemingly still waters, shimmering thoughts come and go. The July full moon, known as the Thunder Moon, signals that hard rains will come to quench the summer heat. In some cultures, this moon is called the Buck Moon. From the velvet buds of spring, antlers will reach full extent during this month. Somewhere in these hills and hollows, the big bucks roam. Racks reveal the story of years, each new point a sign of strength, an emblem of endurance. As darkness shades the woodland kingdom, proud bucks cavort in majestic displays and snorts mingle with other sounds of the night.

Under this moonlight, the heart can rest and restore and inhale from the myriad of subtle shades of living green. It will not be long before these summer greens will warm and meld into the yellows of autumn’s grandeur. As each day ends, the divine painter touches the palette, blends sunset hues into the blue hour, darkens those tones into the night, and brightens and dims them with phases of the moon. Night and day, again and again, the all masterful artist decides the colors of the moment.

Faith, like the moon, has its phases. In full illumination, dreams are born and imagination can fly. Full faith – and a humble heart – can inherit the wonders of the earth and the glory of heaven.

Thunder Moon
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