Happy New Year

Moonbow over Cumberland Falls

Moonbow — Cumberland Falls

The power that pushes is the power that pulls;
hurling us and our earth across the universe,
while the moon keeps steady as a metronome.
A force that drives rivers to a constant roar,
holds still a moonbow’s ray of hope.
Its nocturne resonates in a rhythm only felt,
refracting prismatically in our imaginations.
A portal opens – thoughts descend into dreams;
where dreams awaken and become new realities.
This is where young and old are the same,
where our forefathers and the unborn join us,
and a new generation of visions are born.
Clouds shroud our lunar timepiece,
dim and fade, as the moonbow drifts away,
seen or unseen it is always there, illusive –
but its mystical ether remains.

Happy New Year — JSH
End of 2020 — Beginning of 2021

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