Henry Faulkner: New book celebrates his life as an artist and poet

January 9th, 2018, Henry Lawrence Faulkner’s birth date; he would have been 95 years old. Fine Art Editions has a release date of February 28th, 2018 for the book that illustrates his life as an artist and poet. The Gift of Color is an unprecedented overview of the career of Henry Lawrence Faulkner. Illustrated with over 100 accurate reproductions of his paintings and including selections his poetry, The Gift of Color presents the reader with the narrative of his meteoric rise to fame. This comprehensive chronological compilation contains Faulkner’s flutter of feeling and fluctuations in moods that embodied the life and times of this prolific 20th-century artistic genius.

Look inside (an abbreviated digital flipbook)  https://www.finearteditions.net/the-gift-of-color-henry-faulkner-look-inside-limited-edition

“Born under a Wolf Moon in the backwoods of South Central Kentucky, Henry Lawrence Faulkner’s first cry echoed through the valleys on a shadowy evening of January 9, 1924.”

(excerpt: The Gift of Color: Henry Lawrence Faulkner from the Introduction)

“Destined to become a world traveler and famous artist, Henry Faulkner spent his troubled and impoverished youth a vagabond, making numerous stops along the way. Living by his wits, he honed his natural talents and perfected his flair for the dramatic. He was blessed with an intuitive charisma and the voice of a New Orleans nightingale, enabling him to weave himself into the fabric of the rich and famous. But he also sought solace among the less fortunate, the poor and downtrodden. That was Faulkner’s style. He had a notion and a purpose for anybody and everybody who tried to understand him and who was willing to lend him a helping hand on the road from notoriety to renown.”

(excerpt: The Gift of Color: Henry Lawrence Faulkner from the Preface)

“It is because of the many patrons that Henry Lawrence Faulkner engaged, and the transactions made between them that a comprehensive record of his life legacy is preserved. It is with gratitude to all of Faulkner’s patrons, especially Greene A. Settle as well as First Southern National Bank, that Faulkner’s magical imagination and gift of color remain vibrant today.”

To buy the book visit  https://www.finearteditions.net/henry-lawrence-faulkner/

John S. Hockensmith  www.finearteditions.net  johns@hockensmith.net

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