Jaime Corum

Bourbon Vision to Victory
Fire and Ice

Fine Art Editions Gallery and Press is thrilled to offer the “Bourbon Visions” series from Louisville artist Jaime Corum.

Jaime’s equine art is inspired and refined by her own experience with horses, especially her own horse Chesapeake. She has been drawing horses since she can remember and riding ever since she could talk her parents into it. Jaime’s art evolved from doing portraits of friend’s horses for fun to a full-time career of commissioned portraits and original compositions.

Her primary areas of expertise are Thoroughbred Racing, Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing, but she loves to work with horses of all shapes and sizes.  From the finest thoroughbred to the homeliest pony—she finds them all beautiful.

Our offerings from Jaime’s collection are available here.

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