Nocturnes of Star Gap

There will be a time soon when the Fleabane Daisies bloom,
just a bit after Orion slips towards the southern heavens.
Seedling daisy – lift up – from the shadows in dawning light;
Awaken an aura – flag your petals – dance – dawn till dark.

Sometime soon, there will be time to watch the ferns unfurl
as the daisies arise and sway toward Star Gap’s vast expanse.
Ursa Major and Ursa Minor will linger low on the horizon
While Hydra, Leo, and Virgo promenade in the procession.

The little daisies sing the wind song from a wild-flowered hillside;
Night falls, the diminutive flower hides, petals folding inward.
Nebulas swirl, perfect love treks light-years to kiss veiled eyes
with celestial light released eons ago to glow on this daisy tonight.

Sun, moon, and stars caress the lithe white and lavender petals,
mixing within each golden ring to nourish its secret array;
Infusing each sacred stem with life, to lift a floral crown up to the sky.
Tell me, daisy, mysteries within, where it began, does it ever end?


Fleabane Daisy of Star Gap
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