Landscape in Nagarkot


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A Nagarkot view in March 2016

Although I knew I was not going to go trekking in Nepal, I definitely wanted to see some of the world-famous Himalayan mountains. This photo was shot in the Nagarkot area. To me, no trip to Nepal would be complete without seeing the mountains. While my taxi driver’s car climbed the mountain to the hotel Club Himalayan, I saw people of all ages carrying sticks and other things on their backs. They looked absolutely bogged down by their loads. Roadwork was being done on the very bumpy route, and some of the laborers were using their bare hands to move rocks. Several of the residents waved as we drove by them, making me feel welcome. The air was cool at the top of the mountain. The views were gorgeous. I thought about how an American crew could help the workers fix the road much more efficiently with huge equipment, but realized I have to resist the comparisons.

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