The Wildflowers’ Call

Over a path that snakes around the washouts and fallen debris, the wildflowers call. Rambler rose, Oxeye daisies, and Doll’s-eyes (baneberry) beacon one to cross a shallow stream where the tadpoles are growing legs.

Moving upwards, a garden snake slithers off through the cucumber root. Beyond the last incline, there towers a delicately balanced arch – a frozen avalanche appearing to touch the descending clouds.

Long ago, when I was young, I held a twin-lens Rolleiflex in my hands. My heart burned with the desire to climb the mountain to make photography an art. After 45 years in professional photography, the dream burns brighter than it did in my youth. Standing under the delicate balance of Suzannah’s Arc in Wolfe County, Kentucky, I do not question the winding path upward, what I am looking for, or why I rambled here.

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